Jou groenblou kleur het my asem vermom en my siel gesteel soos ‘n kaalvoetbom Spykers en al My lewe snuk soos ‘n harde val teen die hemel se mure teen die wolke se gal Weerlig en al Ek sit op die dak van my spinnerak en red myself voor die balke sak oor al die…Read more Kaalvoetbom


Absence Is Necessary

To all my readers, friends and acquaintances I honestly hope that you all have had a splendid month and that this post finds you well rested, relaxed and ready for whatever the world may offer you. As my South African following is aware of, it is currently the first week of the July school holiday.…Read more Absence Is Necessary

Life As A Creative Part 2

Hi All! This is the second instalment of an ongoing series (5 parts in total for those who are wondering) and today is all about my interview with Annabelle Hift. Annabelle has quite the reputation for being a quirky, vintage loving blogger, singer/songwriter and general crafter. I met her in primary school, when we were both shy and creative…Read more Life As A Creative Part 2