Life As A Creative Part 2

Hi All! This is the second instalment of an ongoing series (5 parts in total for those who are wondering) and today is all about my interview with Annabelle Hift. Annabelle has quite the reputation for being a quirky, vintage loving blogger, singer/songwriter and general crafter. I met her in primary school, when we were both shy and creative…Read more Life As A Creative Part 2


Life As A Creative part 1

Walking into Fifth Wave Coffee, a small garage joint in a coastal town, I meet Marcell Lombaard, up-and-coming photographer/artist and friend-of-a-friend. At first, I'm intimidated by this tall human who has a much better fashion sense than I will ever have, but he puts me at ease with his easy banter. We better acquaint ourselves over a…Read more Life As A Creative part 1