Hola lovely people of the interwebs!

Those of you who know me personally will know that we survived quite a gruelling move this past April. For those of you who have not been in the loop, it has been a really tough couple of months. Y’all, we survived being homeless. Okay, so maybe not homeless but it was damn close. But despite all this, I cannot explain to you how utterly grateful I am for the events of this past month. I am realising my own strength more and more, and marvelling at what I find within myself each day. Coming from someone who was struggling to find reasons to keep breathing just a few months ago, this is pretty huge.
Before I start getting to the actual reason for this post, just a quick shout out to all of the amazing people I have met here in my new sphere of the world. Y’all are pretty darn amazing. And also to my amazing family for helping us through our homeless phase. You guys are pretty cool too.
Okay, so: Zero waste bathroom swaps. Guys, this intimidated the heck out of me. After spending hours on pinterest looking for recipes, I finally mustered up the courage to try making my own toothpaste, mouthwash and body wash.

This was the one recipe most of the blogs and pins agreed on;
Baking powder
Coconut Oil
Essential Oil

Thoughts before trying the recipe:
I was NOT very keen on putting large amounts of coconut oil into my mouth. If you are South African, you will know that most small town supermarkets only sell odourless, neutral taste coconut oil (if you are lucky enough to find one that stocks coconut oil in the first place). I know that a lot of people would probably prefer the neutral taste coconut oil for a toothpaste recipe, but y’all, I can’t deal. I thought it would just be a big blob of pasty, oily nothing globbing around in your mouth. If I’m going to be putting oil straight into my mouth, it should at least be tasty. Thus, I feel like I’d prefer the normal virgin coconut oil.

Thoughts after using for a few days:
Okay so initially it was a really strange sensation. I used a pinterest infographic that didn’t include ratios, so at first I added way too much baking powder and not nearly enough essential oil. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty gross. And the worst part is that I hgiphyad made plans for the day with a new friend, and me being me, I was dead set on not giving in and using normal toothpaste. So, throughout the entire morning I was super self-conscious about my breath and worried about looking all icky. Honestly, not my best moment. But, there is hope! I decided to turn to youtube for guidance. I used this tutorial which then explained the ratios better.

I’ve been using this for about a week and I really like the consistency, general taste and texture. Also, you will note that this mixture lasts you a really long time, so it’s really cost efficient.

Baking powder
Essential Oil

Initial thoughts:
Yay! Cheap mouthwash! Honestly I was super excited for this. I used the recipe in the video linked above.

Thoughts after using:
I love this recipe. It’s super cost efficient, and it does what it needs to do. I replaced the peppermint essential oil in the video with sweet orange essential oil. I also added a dash of rosemary, but not so much that it’s dominating. I keep mine in a normal mason jar, because I didn’t have a glass bottle with a neck, and I didn’t want to go buy one unnecessarily if my mason jar could do the same job. Waste not, want not!

Body Wash
Coconut oil
Essential Oil
Initial thoughts:
I actually went totally blind on this one, because most of the recipes I found included liquid castile soap which is definitely not something I own, and I highly doubt that the average South African has this in their home. I was very unsure as to if it would work because I really didn’t want to be all oily from the coconut oil. I also didn’t want to use too much raw honey because we all know that raw honey is super expensive. So at first I just mixed about a quarter cup of coconut oil with a quarter cup of honey and added a few drops of cinnamon leaf essential oil.

Thoughts after trying:
This recipe wasn’t ideal. Because I used coconut oil as my base, it would be all thick and pasty but melt from the hot water and body heat. Although I absolutely adored the scent, the texture just wasn’t doing it for me. I also felt very oily after my shower, which is something I hate. It’s also kind of horrible if you have a bath because all the water gets all oily and icky. Not recommended.
I think I would say the best trait of this is that the coconut oil is super moisturising, so this eliminates needing to use body lotion. I was actually super happy about this because my skin gets intensely dry in the winter months and it’s way too cold to put on lotion after a shower. So, a definite plus is that it’s a good lotion and wash all in one, minus the freezing application and plastic bottle.


Extras for yo face:
I didn’t add this as a recipe, but I wash my face with just plain raw honey in the mornings and before bed. I also mix some sugar granules with honey and exfoliate my face with this once a week. I find the honey really soft and moisturising, so I don’t use an extra moisturiser, but in the winter months I apply a very thin layer of coconut oil as a moisturiser before bed.

Next time:
Some more radical swaps like deodorant and conditioner, as well as some make-up swaps! (I made my own mascara. It was hilarious.) I hope you all are enjoying my awkward stumble into the zero waste lifestyle, I know I am!

Have a swell week,! Or month, or however long it takes me to post again. Inonsistency is the only constant with me.




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