To all my readers, friends and acquaintances

I honestly hope that you all have had a splendid month and that this post finds you well rested, relaxed and ready for whatever the world may offer you.

As my South African following is aware of, it is currently the first week of the July school holiday. This naturally means lazy days, hot chocolate, socks and endless chatters around the fire (be it a braai or a fireplace) as it is also winter here in SA. It also means that there is an absence present (please acknowledge my oxymoron and smile at the ingenuity). I decided to write on the absences that are so very necessary in life in order to explain and excuse my month-long absence from posts and society in general.

I’m somewhat of a crazed artist, obsessed with perfection and quality. I crave the mind-blowing. I despise the nothingness of absences. I find myself totally lost during school holidays. I don’t know how to not study or not work towards that distinction or not cram in that last hour of writing for HFC. I must admit that it has become easier since hitting my teen years (sleep is my best friend) but still a challenge nonetheless. embrace the nothing

It has been a slow June for me. I finished exams (no easy feat I might add, but not too intense) and the rest of my time has been spent on road trips with my family, cooking, eating, reading… you get the picture. I couldn’t bring myself to write, much less work on my art final or anything remotely related to concentration. I felt incredibly guilty for about two minutes before I realised that I need to allow myself the absence of a driving force. I need to allow myself the absence of school, Email checking, routine, youth group meetings, etc. I need to be absent enough to be present.

That is exactly what I did. It was blissful. I was however a little ‘under the weather’ for a few days as flu season kicked in, but it was a temporary setback to relaxation. I honestly couldn’t get to any of my work, because I was so incredibly busy with the nothing.

I do however, have a few great posts planned such as ‘5 things reading Harry Potter has taught me’ and ‘Life as a Creative Part 3’ as well as a few sketches for my ‘101 strangers’ project, so don’t get used to my silence just yet. Your inboxes are going to be busy this July, so keep a look out!

I have realized in my off month how necessary personal days are, how amazingly refreshing some time alone is, how inspiring it is to allow yourself rest. Humans were, in my opinion, not made for 24/7 greatness. Just calm down, actually drink your coffee before it gets cold instead of reheating it 5 times and eventually throwing it out.

Let yourself be.

With that calming thought I will leave you, as I have posts to write and an art final to finish. For those interested, it’s a series of self-portraits depicting identity and how personality is relative. Watch out for my progress photos and some posts on my theme later this month!

Remember to relax this holiday, and recharge for what lies ahead

Love and gratitude to all of you this July from me and The Hypocritical Fortune Cookie

FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME! I’d love to know how you’re spending your holiday 😉





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