Hi All! This is the second instalment of an ongoing series (5 parts in total for those who are wondering) and today is all about my interview with Annabelle Hift.

Annabelle has quite the reputation for being a quirky, vintage loving blogger, singer/songwriter and general crafter. I met her in primary school, when we were both shy and creative little humans with a collectiProcessed with VSCO with s3 presetve love of old things.

 I must admit that this interview was a little tricky in terms of logistics. I was in my hometown recently, where Annabelle is currently a barista at a great little coffee place near the ocean, but we were always missing each other, rescheduling and postponing. When I went back home, she came up with the brilliant idea of doing a telephonic interview with the Vodacom Power Hour service.

So here we were, on a Friday, and I just got to my favourite coffee shop (1200km from where Annabelle is, mind you) and as we were getting ready for the interview life sprung at us again. So we rescheduled about another 5 times and here we are on Monday night and it’s time!

We all know I’m a logistical and general planning ninja (haha), so while taking a delightful let’s-waste-hot-water-to-philosophy-about-life shower 30 min before said interview, I decided it would be a good idea if we both took a photo of our little work spaces where we would be doing the interview so it would be more personal and cute and all that jazz.

Needless to say, both of us were neatening our desks and displaying coffee cups well into the interview time. Ugh, the endless strive for perfection we are burdened with. Anyhow, Annabelle managed this setback very gracefully and sent me the perfect Instagram-worthy photo you see below.



Where Annabelle did the interview in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa


ZSA Desk

My paint splattered desk/interview space 1200km away in the North West province, South Africa


We finally did manage to get to the actual interview and it really was lovely to catch up and get this done. Annabelle Hift is a singer, songwriter, crafter, artist and overall pleasant human being. She has always been surrounded with music and art, seeing that her dad is involved with music and writing and her mother in arts and crafting. Annabelle made her first dress when she was in high school and has never looked back. ‘I’m somewhat of an extravagant person. I’ve always been surrounded by art and music so it became the norm for me.’

When asked about her years in school and the difficulty of being creative regardless of other opinions, she says that acceptance was never really an issue for her. ‘I love being different, and although I was teased for being girly now and then, it never really bothered me. I had nice friends who were pretty loud so I starting realising that being different was cool after a while’

Annabelle has a voice that sends shivers down our spines and we can’t help but wish for more. She recently brought out a single, My Name Is Poverty (SoundClouProcessed with VSCO with q3 presetd link below) and has been taking a gap year, hoping to do a bit of travelling in 2018. ‘I want to make music that convicts change. Society has become so obsessed with fake things and meaningless songs. I want to make people feel like they can’t help but respond to my music. I also try to bring God into all my music, because music is a tough industry, if you don’t do it for God there’s no use in doing it.’

Annabelle describes music and art as her way of expressing. ’I always try to do what I’m passionate about instead of say, something that would get me a degree.’  Explaining how creativity has impacted her life, she says ‘it has definitely made me a little strange and eccentric, but I feel very privileged because it has opened my eyes to the beauty of the world’

‘When I write songs or I’m busy creating something, I find that the natural impulses where you just do it without thinking are usually a reflection of what you feel inside. It helps me understand more about what goes on inside my head. I find out more about myself when I create.’

She also says that it brings her closer to God. “It’s a really good way to praise him and bring him into every aspect of your life’

Annabelle also says that artists can’t help but be sensitive, and that it’s really easy to step on someone’s dreams. “For me, the worst thing someone can say to me after I’ve showed them my work is A) it’s good B) it’s nice or C) it’s cool. It just sounds so ordinary, I mean, I’ve put a lot of hours and vulnerability into it. The least someone can do is to actually look at it and even if they don’t like it, they can give constructive criticism or tell me how it makes them feel.’

Processed with VSCO with q3 presetWhen I asked her what she would say to people who look down on art, or don’t always appreciate it, she said ‘Just because you are doing something else that is logical, it doesn’t mean that art is illogical. People often have the false perception that art is just a hobby, but there is a real need for it.’

Annabelle is currently revamping her blog, Unscripted Artist, giving it a new look and some fresh content. The link will soon be made available in a little follow-up post (needless to say, I’m on the edge of my seat). Describing some of her writing, she says ‘it uses a lot of metaphors and kind of makes you see things differently. It’s not the average every day.’ Her blog has a very artistic vibe and ‘a preppy style with a mainly sarcastic, weird and out there feel’

So there you have it!

Follow Annabelle on Facebook or on Instagram OR check out her amazing single on SoundCloud here




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